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  1. Zachary Katt

    makes sense……

  2. Zach Katt

    lol actually the comment above is not my account I actually typed my name in wrong plz delet the comment above.

    “makes sense”

  3. D.Durand

    Nin Wah ? Yes, between my arm. Always had a crush for the little Red Panda.

    By the way, where have you archived the old comic ?

  4. Little One
    Little One

    Cute, Scotty. Melikes.

  5. dervonnebenaan

    Does one really need a placeholder in endless space?

  6. otterknowbetter

    Any time, Ninnty. ;3

    As long as my wife agrees, that is. Two female pandas in the same house for too long might be… tight.

  7. Frank

    @D.Durand: The old comic was taken offline to allow new readers to start afresh. The last remaining vestige is this review by Matt Trepal where you can see the famous deely bopper!

    And I like this one. I might use it for a christmas card

  8. AckAckAck

    I knew it! She can’t stand the lovey dovey stuff so she decided to am-scray before it can go deeper.

    Also I bet there’s the HDD filled with people’s data stashed in that ship too.

  9. Ken

    “Ms. Panda – Got your card. Why is it post-marked 1 space-minute ago? – Ken F”

  10. Zachary Katt

    lol…cant stay here…sry my mom wouldn’t let me….(shes part eevee…my dad was an umbreon…lol)

  11. Ken Roskos
    Ken Roskos

    Cool! It’s Nin Wah’s secret holiday wish.

  12. dervonnebenaan

    Hey Zach.
    Could you use a little less lols and a little more orthographics? I can barely understand you.

  13. zorinlynx

    Anyone else slightly concerned about explosive decompression? Poor Nin-Wah’s skyfly seems to have a compromised cockpit canopy. Nothing like losing atmo out in the black and quickly learning how dependant you are on that Nitrogen-Oxygen mix…

  14. TheGunheart

    Red fur, green jacket, and a sweet gift in the form of that snazzy cyborg arm. Nin Wah is truly the embodiment of the holiday.

  15. D.Durand


    It’s a shame, really. I loved this comic. Why not publish as “first season” or something like it ?

  16. Scotty

    How many times, folks? I’ll post the old stuff after this run is complete, okay? Don’t worry!

  17. Sierra Chambers
    Sierra Chambers

    Sorry Nin Wah, I don’t have a place you can crash.

  18. cptgloria

    She’s not venting ATMO,… she’s venting PLASMA! (I mean, DUH! ANY spacer would know that… right?)
    Happy Hollendaise, guys!

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