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  1. TheGunheart

    Ooh, what’s Nin Wah got planned?

  2. AckAckAck

    I knew it! Nin looks like she’s either:

    Realize that she’s fallen toward CK and she doesn’t like this lovey dovey stuff one bit. So she want to leave the satellite on her own. With the HDD of course.


    She suspect that this CK is a cyborg. So she went to look for the real CK.


    She want to use the SWC.

  3. spacecop

    Or maybe she still wants to join Ace’s crew…

  4. stevegallacci

    I wonder if she’s going to get her duplicate head. Either to save it or prevent it from getting into other’s hands. It does contain a version of her, after all.

  5. mrcasual

    I’d say she’s probably trying to escape with Ace’s crew. She’s not happy that she’s acclimating to CK, and wants to get away from him.

  6. xAllyCatx

    Aww, Nin Wah has finally warmed up to C– WTF IS SHE DOING

  7. Frank Hightower

    She’s smarter than she looks, that’s for sure

    What? You all really thought she was going to enthusiastically fly into laser fire?

  8. AsimovSideburns

    Aww, she made CK so happy!



  9. dervonnebenaan

    Is she talking into a built-in microphone in her arm? Woah, I wonder what kind of cool stuff her new tec-arm will have. Can she download apps from the iKnow- Store?

  10. Kendall Clark

    Wild speculation time… I’m wagering she is going back to TH̕I͟S ̧͢͞C͝҉O̴̢͢M̵M̕͠É̛͘N҉̕T̷͢͠ ͜͢Ṕ͢͜E̛N̨DI̸̕N͘͞G̛ ̶̀͢A̷̧U͠T͏HO͡R̴͜I̧Z̷A̡̧͡T͠I̴̧͘O̧̕͞N͠ ̕͢͟F̢̀͞R̷O҉Ḿ T̷̨͞HE ̶͜ÌN͝T̶́Ȩ͝R̵̴S͡T̢E̴͝͝L̕͏L̨AR͟͞ ̴I̴̢̧N҉VE̷Ş́T̨I͘͡G̴̢A̷͡TI̡͟V̡͢E͞ ͞IN̢̕S̷͢Ţ͠Í̸TU̶͜͞T̴̀E҉̶͏.͝ ̛H̨A̧V̧͜E͟ A ̷̨̀ŃI҉̕͞C̷͢E̵ ҉D͘A̛͡Y̸͞.͜ solo, with the Velvet Knights, or with CK and crew.

  11. Scotty

    Without confirming or denying any of your fantastic speculations, some of you do come close to hitting on some clever ideas I have. I must protect my story from potential spoilers, and I hope you won’t mind me taking the necessary precautions. :)

  12. Ken Roskos
    Ken Roskos

    Hmm… I think I’ll keep my big mouth shut this round.

  13. TheGunheart

    A guess that required CENSORING? Okay, this is getting exciting! ^-^

  14. Kendall Clark

    Mind? I’m surprised that one of my wild speculations is even remotely close enough to deserve the funky censoring! ^_^ Looking forward to seeing how this unfolds.

  15. dervonnebenaan

    Damn you, Scotty, you made me even more curious!
    … Well, I guess this was his intention. 😀

  16. KieferSkunk

    All right, how did you do that, Scotty? That’s pretty impressive. :)

  17. cptgloria

    “Dees kan only leed too teerss…”

  18. Starglider

    Ideal outcome is android Nin-Wah reactivated and joins CK crew, original Nin-Wah joins VK crew, everyone happy.

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