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  1. TheGunheart (@TheGunheart)

    So, really, are the Alpha Droids like that movie Surrogates, just with their operators under iKnow mind control? Did they ever have personalities to begin with, like Mecha Nin Wah? Or was she just an accident? This is like, the one thing about them that’s really been bugging me.


    So CK is getting a cyborg vixen on the crew?

  3. blackcat498888

    Hey, MOUSE is back!

  4. mrcasual

    So, is MOUSE one personality, or several disparate entities? Is there a hierarchy to the MOUSE units, with some being in charge of others? Or is there one primary MOUSE, and everything else is an adjunct? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. Feline Grace
    Feline Grace

    I was wondering what happened to her!

    Will we be seeing the other androids, or are they all expendable characters to never be seen again?

    All in all MOUSE! SHUT UP! Your a murderer now.

  6. TheGunheart (@TheGunheart)

    @Feline Grace: The other two shutdown all the way back here, when the princesses were released: http://www.commanderkitty.com/2012/07/29/dreams-really-do-come-true-kinda-sorta/

    I’d like to think they’re just mechanical avatars controlled by the brainwashed princesses, but given that Nin Wah’s clone was completely autonomous, that still seems to imply there were at one point fully sentient entities that had their brains overwritten…

  7. Ken Fletcher
    Ken Fletcher

    Hankerchief? She obviously sneezed herself to death….

  8. Frank

    @MrCasual: I’d guess both. We’ve seen them all saying the exact same thing. We’ve also seen a single MOUSE unit pondering to itself while floating in outer space. Which of them is the primary changes as they keep getting chucked out or destroyed by CK, according to the cast page. My guess is that this “primary” is a file that gets moved out of the unit’s memory when CK is near and the MOUSE unit won’t shut up

  9. Scotty

    The side panel of this comic has some relevant information on MOUSE, and its function on the ship. http://www.commanderkitty.com/2009/03/29/i-hate-the-living/

  10. mrcasual

    @Scotty: So does that mean that MOUSE talking to itself and ordering other drones around is a quirk of bad/pirated programming? Or too many drones being active for too long?

    Informative, but mysteries remain!

  11. TheGunheart (@TheGunheart)

    Same with the droids. Fortiscue’s explanation of them arguably raises more questions than it answers, given that mecha Nin Wah and roughly half the galaxy were functioning like regular people: http://www.commanderkitty.com/2012/01/01/seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time/

  12. Ken Roskos

    Looks like Fortiscue has his own “Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine” scenario going… As far as Mouse/mice/meeses go, technology will be an annoyance. And always at the most perfectly annoying moment.

  13. FTL

    Actually Gunheart, I think what Fortiscue was saying is that a “Perfected” Clone is created and the “Mental Image” of the Original iKnow user is duplicated onto the Clone’s blank mind. From this point on the Clone is a separate entity from the Original. The Original is then “Stored” as a Transporter Pattern sort of like a “Pre Update Backup” and the Clone is transported into the Original’s place and life goes on from here without the Clone realising it is not the Original.
    For the next few hours or so the Clone still looks like the Original until the nanobots finish doing the “Physical Perfection Improvement” (turning the Clone into an android) whereupon the Clone turns Blue (maybe signalling that the “fix” is complete). At the same time some of the Clone’s thought patterns are changed as well, both through experiences and nanobot ‘tweaks’, meaning the Clone/Android is no longer a “clean” copy of the Original.
    Unfortunately it looks as if the “Perfected” Clones are susceptible to shutdown when the Zenith Programme is crashed.
    Also the “Copying” technique appears to have some bugs in it as it seems to copy a version of the Original’s mind that is not a ‘true copy’ of its memories but more of a “general picture” of its idea of itself…. this maybe means that delusions or lies could be used by the nanobots rather than actual truth, as the truth may be less “Perfect” than the lie/delusion.

    I could be totally wrong as well! 😉

  14. FTL

    EDIT – My first line – Remove “Perfected”… it is just a Clone.

    Also TheGunheart-the Perfected Princess Clones are under the control of Zenith via their iKnows, unlike Clone Nin Wah who was yet to be fully “Perfected” and was still running the copy of Original Nin Wah in her mind and did not have an iKnow. For most of the 45% of the Galaxy, apart from turning Blue, they would notice nothing odd unless Zenith manipulated them via their iKnows, and even then they might not remember it (just like they don’t remember being transported and copied.)

    Too much waffle from me…. I’ll get out of here now! :-)

  15. TheGunheart (@TheGunheart)

    @FTL: Yeah, that’s sorta what I feared the idea was. I was just…hoping the situation wasn’t as sad as it sounded.

  16. Scotty

    Guys, there’s a goofy, ridiculous, half-baked explanation for everything! Hang in there!

  17. FTL

    No worries….. Happy to be totally wrong….. 😉

  18. TheGunheart

    If being wrong mean those cute robots get to live, then I never want to be right again.

  19. cptgloria

    Ok,…. let’s think about this….
    ..the ZENITH project has been in business for a while, right? And there HAS to have been some $$-making venture capital-what-all behind it all to get it started… right?
    …and SOMEBODY (baaaaa) had to create, program and market the MOUSE system of quasi-autonomous mouse-robots,…… RIIIIIIGGGGHHHHHTTTT?????????

    Can you detect an olfactory trace from my foot-gear, or do I need to facilitate a schematic diagram?

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