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  1. TheGunheart (@TheGunheart)

    I’m glad to see Fortiscue isn’t just going to leave her behind, but seeing her like this is just so sad. I hope he can still restore her personality…

  2. gekkoguy

    I hope he can fix her and maker her good and better, anyways if i was Commander Kitty i would kick that sheep’s butt for not mentioning the transporter sooner. XD

  3. Ken Roskos
    Ken Roskos

    Hmph! Fortiscue using a female predator as a servant. Talk about wish fulfillment. Who knows, maybe the Zenith we love is backed up on a drive somewhere. Looks like she’s running off the emergency boot-disc now.

  4. spacecop

    LOL twas worth waiting for!
    Well, if Zenith’s personality would be completely restored, someone needs to make sure she doesn’t remember certain things, like Fortiscue using her for personal transportation, or there will be trouble….oh wait there would be trouble anyway 😛
    Bottom left panel – I laughed out loud at the expressions. “Whaaaaat?” 😀

  5. AckAckAck

    Sure. The teleporter will disintegrate and kill you then rebuild your clone on the destination using your DNA data and turn your hair ginger.

  6. Ken Fletcher
    Ken Fletcher

    I like what’s happening. 83

    Yeah, Ackackack,… and transporters and sudden power-outages might not mix well. And the ‘restart’ diagnostics might take too much time, even in this future.

  7. Starglider

    CK getting much better at motivating his crew vs the old days.
    Love how Zenith is the dark horse fan favourite of this strip. :)

  8. Raxadian

    Well, using a teleporter right now would be unwise, since CK and his crew have bad luck with teleporters when nothing else is going on… it would be like adding gasoline to the fire!

  9. TheGunheart (@TheGunheart)

    @Starglider She is kinda tragic, isn’t she? I mean, when you get right down to it, her two biggest faults thus far (being evil, and a fatal inability to take criticism) can all be linked back to Fortiscue being a bad programmer. She’s a bit like cuter, fluffier, more socially adept Lemongrab, if you think about it.

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