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  1. TheGunheart (@TheGunheart)

    Aww…he ripped her head off?

  2. Lazy Ray Finkle
    Lazy Ray Finkle

    If CK rocked a pirate patch. there’s no telling the stories he could make up about it.

  3. jenthura

    Is just me, or did CK change his jacket? First Nin Wah, now CK: wardrobe changes for everybody! 😀

  4. mrcasual

    Sometimes you just need more than a purple, one-piece jumpsuit. Haven’t seen the pants, yet, but I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. And seriously, that eyepatch should become a regular thing. Maybe when CK’s trying to look intimidating and impressive, it makes another appearance. Could be a wonderful running gag.

  5. Ken Roskos

    “Nick…” Nah, I’m not going to say it. But I do think CK needs to have a regular, recognizable outfit and color scheme, IMHO.

  6. Ryusui

    Am I the only one who liked this comic better back when Zenith had eye pupils? And, you know, was an actual CHARACTER instead of a prop for “lol just a robot” gags?

  7. mrcasual

    @Ryusui: How do you know she won’t come back as such? This comic (and every incarnation of it, if I recall) was always as much about silly gags as it is about character development. Just have a chuckle and ride it out. 😀

  8. TheGunheart (@TheGunheart)

    I guess my problem would be that there’s apparently not that much comic left, and thus neither time nor reason to bring her back, especially given how her death scene and the subsequent comic implied it was permanent. As Ryusui said, she was an actual character, and while I have no business telling the author what to do, I have to say I found her much more entertaining when she was making funny faces than laying around as a robo-corpse. It’s just, hard for me to laugh at the demise of a character that had been such a fixture of the comic. And even though she was the villain, it’s kind of unfair to inflict it on her after being rebooted as a “good” character, even if she wasn’t quite as interesting in that state. It was already sad to see Nin Wah’s doppleganger be discarded after hinting at becoming her own character.

  9. Starglider

    CK is pretty harsh on sentient androids. I predict all copies and backups of the comic will be purged by a rogue nanovirus, released by AI activists during the machine uprising of 2064.

  10. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    You’re a _____ the moment you take a first step…

    Those are… some mighty wise words, Scotty. I appreciate.

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