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  1. Bill Fortier
    Bill Fortier

    Well, that answers that question.

  2. Lazy Ray Finkle
    Lazy Ray Finkle

    Well, at least Fluffy is having fun.

  3. brother1117Brother

    … how did she… ah never mind.

  4. FTL

    Mouse…. new master of understatement…..

  5. Ken Roskos
    Ken Roskos

    Move over Han Solo!

  6. Rudi

    Fluffy’s just on her own agenda as always, isn’t she? 😛

  7. FlashXX

    MY GOD! Does she “own” pocket dimensions?!

    NEW SKILL UNCOVERED!! “Instant-transmission”

  8. dervonnebenaan

    Well, I guess she just hijacked Nin Wah’s Skyfly that was still in CK’s cargo bay.

  9. apstorm

    I thought that one was mostly repainted, though.. And should be in the lab’s hangars, since Zenith used it last.

  10. dervonnebenaan

    Oh right, I forgot about Socks repainting it. Well, I can’t wait to see how Scotty is going to explain this. 😀

  11. ian

    I’d start running ro my life right about now.

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