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  1. blackcatsuper

    Well, it seems Nih Wah does like kitty, after all what do small girls and boy do when they like each other? Annoy the hell out of each other!

  2. Foxhack


    But wait, we can see his feet! There should be a rock in front of them or something!

  3. Scotty

    Haa! Oh I knew I forgot something

  4. BarGamer

    Needs more random pockets everywhere. 😉

  5. Lazy Ray Finkle
    Lazy Ray Finkle

    Knee pads. Gotta remember the knee pads.

  6. mrcasual

    CK may be an arrogant putz most of the time, but he’s really done nothing but help Nin Wah. She’s really just proving how much she belongs with CK’s dysfunctional crew by being so bitter and weaselly.

    As for that outfit, if we’re going for Liefield, he needs about 3-5 swords on his back, as well. XD And those sleeves should be rolled-up to his elbows, with fingerless gloves.

  7. mrcasual

    Actually, he has the gloves, doesn’t he? Nevermind that one.

  8. Tarq

    There’s probably some reference (that others seem to have easily caught) that I can’t really see, but I’m still rolling from that “upgrade.”

  9. KG

    Sorry to bother, but I cannot figure out if Zenith is modeled as a chimera like the thing Socks was in or if she’s some carnivore I’m not adequately familiar with. Is she a civet?

  10. tboltp47d

    Personally, I find the tail pocket most functional, as it can be brought forward for easy access! =^^=

  11. apstorm

    @KG: She’s definitely a chimera-style entity. However, she’s an android chimera. It was pointed out earlier in the comic, if I recall. Basically, she was artificially modeled on a combination of races without having to cut up any.

  12. Scotty

    All comics have those tags below them, so you can check out most of the other episodes that that particular character has been in, and catch up on their back story. Hooray for cross-indexing!

  13. KG

    @APSTORM: I recall the android part, but I can’t find mention of herself as a chimera of several species. That’s why I’m wondering if she is an exotic species like Nin Wah, only blue because all androids are blue.

  14. Starglider

    Still prefer android Nin Wah. Hope she isn’t abandoned.

  15. brother1117

    This seems… surreal… especially Ace and Freeda there. They’re too smily…

  16. King of Zeroes
    King of Zeroes

    Needs more belts.

  17. Little One
    Little One

    You know, I have to agree with CK’s initial reaction The spikes on the shoulders are a BIT much. You can’t get into a cozy cuddling situation with any princess with those there as you risk poking her highness during a tender moment. I would move them to the elbows instead where they are out of the way for hopeful “up close work” but can be useful in protection mode. Then, the outfit would be perfect in every way. Zenith has really outdone herself on this one. I really love the pocket placement, especially on the tail and boots. Sooo functional and sooo attractive in every way. I’ll bet every princess in the galaxy would want to cozy up to that handsome devil… once those horrid spikes are moved to a more suitable location, that is.

  18. Ken Roskos

    GIGO indeed! Say… where has Fluffy been all this time?

  19. FlashXX

    – – Hmm…so far so good. So long as its a fist/primitive fight he could last a while….mid-range and long distance however…not so much. Looks hard to move in.

  20. apstorm

    @KG Looking back, it seems like it was essentially ‘explained’ on this page: http://www.commanderkitty.com/2010/12/05/dont-wait-up/
    The statement about ‘best qualities of the desired species’ … I think the ‘species’ there was meant to refer to the plural. If it wasn’t evident from that sentence, when they mention ‘male counterpart’, this further implies that Zenith herself is an android made in a similar (but less unethical) manner. This can be safely assumed because of the meaning of the term ‘counterpart’. I’m sure you can look that up yourself, if you need clarification.

  21. Chipmunk

    Why does Zenith sometimes have no pupils, but does have them at other times?

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