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  1. tboltp47d

    Heh, priorities ARE priorities! I’m really curious to see what they do to him! 😀

  2. dervonnebenaan

    Well, looks like the plebs have decided.
    I’ll bet my ass off that the new outfit will look even more ridiculous.

  3. razmoudahoudah

    I just love the look on his face. He feels like the only sane person in an insane galaxy, and although I’d hardly consider him the most sane person I’ve ever met I think right now the galaxy is working on actually being more insane than him.

  4. Lazy Ray Finkle
    Lazy Ray Finkle

    Scrabble points for using the word “gussied.” 😀

  5. KenFletcher

    8D [CK double-checks for reaction.]

    Must be that Commander Kitty will have to learn how high-status spacer culture really works.

  6. Tarq

    Just like with the last strip, CK’s facial expressions are priceless. I just love the art style you use too.
    First comment since I found this a couple weeks ago, thanks to “Sandra and Woo.” I just find CK delightful, but Socks is my favorite. :3

  7. Scotty

    Thanks Tarq. Don’t forget to tell all your friends! CK needs help!

  8. Hauser

    Just found about the comic, love it! Can’t wait to see CK’s new suit.

  9. stevegallacci

    Don’t do it CK! First rule of Spacers, don’t leave the booty in the hands of your competitors. I’ll bet he’ll be left behind to deal with the heat by himself.

  10. brother1117

    When did the ‘verse stop making sense? I mean, less sense than usual… but still, Ace and company did not strike me as the kind of guys who would place appearance over dashing heroics. The have to know heroes get hurt and their outfits ruined on a constant basis… right?

  11. DHGM

    Wow. Now who’s the incompetent one?

  12. NyanNinja

    Heehee, thanks to Sandra and Woo,I found this amazing comic! I love it! Oh, and you know what they say CK…. Dress for success!

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