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  1. Lazy Ray Finkle
    Lazy Ray Finkle

    It helps if the women are unconscious when thrown at one’s feet.

  2. breynoldsathome

    God I love your play with expressions, especially that second to last one… the sense of ridiculous joy is palpable!

  3. Jenthura

    Release the Princesses! LOL

  4. KenFletcher

    They’re a-floppin’ an’ a-bouncin’… without much bouncing.

  5. Starglider

    It is non-obvious why the android duplicates shut down at the same time. Android Nin-Wah didn’t shut down when biological Nin-Wah escaped…

  6. brother1117

    I like Nin-Wah’s unimpressed face in the last panel.

  7. Dimio

    Duplicates of Duplicates(the planet princesses and station workers)

  8. oddysen

    Well, I hope they get spacer uniforms for some of that reward cash 😛

  9. Ken Roskos

    So…kidnapping, conspiracy and a couple other charges I could mention; how long is Fortiscue going to jail again?

  10. dervonnebenaan

    CK’s speech in panel 4 and 5 sounds pretty much like a citation joke. Another Beatles-song?

  11. Scotty

    No, not this time. I’ve learned my lesson!

  12. FlashXX

    CK, your actually LETTING the captain atain his dream? ^^This is ‘fantastic’ finally, his problems will be cut in a half, his ship will be updated, they’ll get their own fighter ships with escape pods installed and finally take on bigger greater…wait…..why are you guys lau– ?!! -_-; your going to “yoink” Fortiscue with a catch in the next few pages aren’t you?

  13. TheGunheart (@TheGunheart)

    I kind of feel sorry for the androids. I gotta ask, though…where did their personalities go? Weren’t they created like Nin Wah’s?

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