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  1. Ken Fletcher
    Ken Fletcher


    It looks like enough of the crew have found the path up the learning curve. (CK will have a reminder every time his tongue finds the space where his tooth used to be.) But I accept that the fable will grow to become more fabulous if there happens to be some dancing “2 hops forward; one step back”. Even Ace’s crew doesn’t appear to always act ‘perfect’.

  2. Jenthura

    Nice save, CK. X)

  3. Frank

    CK actually learned something!

  4. Razmoudah

    If CK can continue in this vein of gradually becoming a decent leader I might actually start to like him as a character (seriously, the only reason I kept reading the comic after going through the archives was because the story was focused on that wonderful red panda at the time).

  5. FTL

    Agree with the change, I like to see the characters grow and both Mittens and CK have had their moments here that give us hope that they are on the upward curve and becoming better for it.
    If the characters stay stagnant then there is a loss of momentum that can stifle the future of both them and the story they are part of.

  6. Razmoudah

    Actually, I just didn’t like CK, so when the comic made a temporary shift away from him as the lead (this was in the archives for me) I stuck around mostly just too see what would happen when he got the lead back. So far he’s been handling it extremely well, and I have hopes for his continued improvement as it’ll make what started off feeling like a mediocre comic (because of an unlikable ass of a lead in my opinion) become a good comic.

  7. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister


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