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  1. Leonardo

    “Danger, Will Robinson!” XD

  2. Lazy Ray Finkle
    Lazy Ray Finkle

    Having been out of work for so long, it’s nice to see the Lost in Space robot getting work again.

    R.I.P. III robot.

  3. Wilford B. Wolf
    Wilford B. Wolf

    For all his bluster, MOUSE really does fit in with the rest of CK’s crew….

  4. Bill Fortier
    Bill Fortier

    And this is why, in the real world, fire control switches have safety covers.

  5. Ken Roskos

    If “Robby” from “Forbidden Planet” and “Rosey the Robot” from the “Jetsons” had a child..:)

  6. Ken Fletcher
    Ken Fletcher

    Programmed flirting is so provoking….

  7. Brother

    Yeah! Go Robbota! F**k the police!

  8. Shadowkey392

    Danger! Danger Mr Morris!

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