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  1. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    Olga is a take-charge vixen.

  2. Frank

    So, the remaining 58% need to be made back into flesh-and-blood beings. That shouldn’t be too hard, should it?

    Also, LOL at Space Kilometers

  3. Frank

    Wait, “directly interface”? The ships computer is MOUSE! She is a Fox! Looks like quite a few MOUSE units are about to get eaten!

  4. KenFletcher

    I think that the ‘new’ Commander Kitty knows what’s most important to Commander Kitty right now….

    I like that the exchange telling what may be needed to move the pattern storage also shows CK what it is like to work with an android — and also maybe shows the start of Basic Training for the ‘new’ Mittens.

  5. KieferSkunk

    I think Steve’s gonna be happy with the reference to his fan comic. :)

  6. Gordon

    Oh dear, methinks Kitty might have hit rather close to the mark there.

    Unless it was a boaking accident.

  7. stevegallacci

    I’m actually leaning more for Space Ninjas, or a deli slicer. Or something really dumb, like when she’s introduced to a photon fillet knife.

  8. Jenthura

    “Oh Clumps!”
    Was that the sound of Mittens hitting the floor? Or was he actually saying that?

  9. Brian

    HOLY COW! I just did a second glance at the first panel and idly thought “Hmmm… did CK roll up his sleeve to show that much white on his right arm?” And then I thought, maybe his tail is supposed to be all purple but the end got ripped off exposing the white of his body… heyy… WHOAH, maybe CK is a white cat all over and the purple is his spacer costume which would mean he’s been wearing a totally cool batman style headmask for all these years!!!!


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