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  1. owenhusky91

    Woah, fashion mishap!

  2. Frank

    “Ah meen, gawd! When’s the last tihme ya had a decent sheering?”

  3. Jen Aside

    Kitty looks… disappointed? in Panel 2. =?

  4. JoseB

    Everybody’s reactions between panels 1 and 2 are great… But especially Fluffy, who shows no reaction *whatsoever* XD

  5. Wilford B. Wolf
    Wilford B. Wolf

    So… Zenith’s safe mode is Rarity? Just as long as she doesn’t try to make Nin Wah a dress…

    And still doesn’t explain how Fortiscue initially looked like the assistant to Zenith when we met them, rather than the other way around.

  6. Ken Fletcher
    Ken Fletcher

    8p 83 …and now we know some of the Zenith origin-story.

  7. Treesong

    Fortiscue became Zenith’s assistant when she decided he was imperfect (presumably because he objected to her plans) and stuck an iKnow on him.

  8. dreddy71

    hmm i still think its just the fact that Zenith is a computer. As an assistant it was directed to carry out a task that fortisque wanted done, and with its strands of logic and AI, it developed ways to do it that were insane. he became assistant-like through laziness gradually as zenith developed. didnt they have to convince fortiscue that she was out of control?

    … at least thats how i see this all happening. wait did this even make sense? should be sleeping right now >_>

  9. Skitzgy

    phew. safe mode saves lives. :3

  10. TheOddStrange

    Socks has an amazing poker face.

  11. dranorter

    Now I am sad every time I look at Nin Wah! I feel like a version of her got killed off. A happy version.

  12. dranorter

    Or wait a minute, won’t the blue Nin Wah wake back up now?

  13. blackcat498888

    I wonder what Ace was about to pull out of his jacket………..

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