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  1. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    Guess that evacuation drill is now over, eh wot?

  2. Joey1058

    Aw, man, the triple I?? Who invited them?!

  3. Harv

    You’re back and you’ve brought the awesome!

  4. Leonardo


    Glad you are back to bussiness 😉

  5. Ken Fletcher

    Commander Kitty has a clue. A huge clue. (Some change is good.)

  6. Frank

    The scary thing is, we are doing something just like this in my Databases course. Deleting originals because we can just rematerialize them on demand, I mean

  7. sirbacon

    You had me worried for a second there, Frank.

  8. Brother

    I like the design of the triple I ships.

  9. Bryce Herdt

    What’s the galaxy’s population? I ask only perfunctorily, because my first thought was “Start releasing hostages, then worry about terms later.”

  10. Jenthura

    I liked her better as an Android. 😛

  11. Archivist

    Should “And can we just…” be changed to “And we can just…” ?
    Fortiscue is making a statement, not a question… unless it is rhetorical, or he’s asking himself. Then it might need a question mark.

  12. Scotty

    Yes, thanks Mr Chomsky. My brain does that to me sometimes!

  13. Is can be
    Is can be

    That’s okay. :) We all do can that timesomes. :)

  14. Jenn

    Oh dear…what’s gonna happen now?!

  15. Frank

    Haha! I like the “Torrent” pun.

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