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  1. Rockin' Kat
    Rockin' Kat

    Yay! New comic! :-)

    Some people just have the wrong priorities… …and I’m talking about the sheep, Not you, Scotty. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. KenFletcher

    8p You wash and dry the templates and put them in the temcupboard… Right?

  3. owenhusky91

    And service is resumed, ladies n’ gerbils!

  4. Tbolt

    Great to see the comic back online! =^^=

    Hmmm, only 45% market share, good grief, what does one have to do to reach the masses anymore, take over the world? ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Frank

    Microphone-holding etiquette!

  6. TheOddStrange

    Fluffy looks pretty happy about a 45 percent market share.

  7. Brother

    Well, the iKnow is very limited Fortiscue. You can’t expect a system that’s incapable of running a Unix system to remain very popular.

    Also, the KnowHow has most of the same apps and costs about half as much man…

    Also also, no evil corporation running things in the background…

  8. Joey1058

    45% are a helluva lotta pods stored somewhere, guys!

  9. BDKMat

    That mouse reporter be mad cute, yo.

  10. stevegallacci

    That means that the population is increasing massively, providing the originals can escape their pods. Then, what do you do with the “perfect” copies? This could get weird.

  11. Brother

    Look, the solution is simple. Can anyone say “Android murder spree”?

  12. Starglider

    Is that 45% of females or 45% of everyone i.e. 90% of females, or are there male androids outside the lab? How did the collective medical personnel of the galaxy not notice anything strange?

  13. TheMightyBill

    They wouldn’t have had that problem with iKnow 4SX.

  14. Treesong

    Somehow Fortescue looks very much like Bill Gates in that last panel. And I don’t mean just the greed.

  15. CptGloria

    I agree with BDKMATT… that mouse is HELLA cute!
    And so is Fluffy’s ecstatic reaction to the news ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. Jenn

    Just discovered your webcomic!! Looks like I will have some catching up to do! Love it the kitties

  17. Scotty

    @Jenn Welcome aboard… Very glad you like!

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