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  1. MalixDexide

    If this doesn’t confirm that NinWah does have feelings for CK… I don’t know what will.

  2. Kenny B.
    Kenny B.

    Guess the blue-haired red panda was a robot after all.

  3. bargamer

    No matter what CK says, it cannot possibly be worse than, “Lesbian three-some?”

  4. Ken Fletcher
    Ken Fletcher

    I like this sequence very much.
    Malixdexide, I agree that NinWah & CK have positive feelings for each other — Hidden under layers of other stuff…. We get to watch and see if they will want to learn how to be aware of those feelings and if they will want to do something about them.
    The existance of two physical NinWahs feels right — we’ll see how this is rationalized in this CK sf universe — we got to see NinWah’s essence/software fade out of (maybe?) a lab android template?
    Who is it that wishes to have their eyes praised? A lingering needy NinWah download? Or a lingering needy generic Zenith program?
    And is this old-flavor of NinWah angry at being out-of-the-action? Or jealous of CK’s seeming cuddle with a strangely familiar panda android?
    And does CK like her angry eyes?

  5. Leonardo

    So they made a copy of NinWah brain? And the real one is jealous?
    Wait! Where are you all this time yeoman Wah?

  6. owenhusky91

    Well, that’s a shocker.

  7. Tacobob

    That’s a shame. The android NinWah was far more likeable than the real one. Sniff :(

  8. lol

    I shall ship these two now :3

  9. Jen Aside

    This page has so much awesome in it! No wonder you made it a double! =D

  10. Gordon

    Oh look, it’s Lefty!

  11. sirbacon

    Wow, fake Nin Wah’s eyes slowly changed over the last couple pages. Nice touch.

  12. Tbolt

    Just caught up with the archives, I love the story! =^^=

    (Crap, I didn’t catch the blue hair that should have been obvious!)

  13. Starglider

    Quite an emotional scene. I agree with Tacobob, status quo and sci-fi convention be damned, the crew should keep the android NinWah. I mean the real one was trying to leave anyway and will be just fine on her own, but if you leave android NinWah behind she’ll be shut down / treated like property / having lonely existential crises.

  14. Lupy

    Wow!, reminded me of some of the galactica reveal sequences. Nicely done.
    So I asume that since Nin’s brain was copied, now she won’t have any memory of KC being all heroic and such. I wonder if he will retain his cooler atitude?

  15. Joey1058

    Okay, I’m officially floored, now…

  16. Tacobob

    Yeah. If I were CK, I’d find some batteries for that blue panda. :)

  17. Bob

    Lol Fluffy kicking that monster reminds me of on tv when there’s an old lady hitting some dude, and it looks completely fake, like they’re not even touching the guy X)

  18. Dontar

    nice, 2 of em, 😛 get Fort to power up just the robo one 😛

    also wtf is that Stop Censorship thing?

  19. Frank

    Well… that was… a bit anticlimatic. I thought we were going to have a bit more of an epic battle

  20. Thomas K. Dye
    Thomas K. Dye

    I can’t be the only one who thought of that Bugs Bunny cartoon with the Mama bear…

    “Tell me more about my eyes!”

  21. C. Phillips aka Catnel
    C. Phillips aka Catnel

    HAHA Thomas, now I have that in my Head!!
    Epic Scotty! I love this comic, btw.

  22. Harv

    Went back and reread the pages from August… Nih Wah: “I’m NOT an android!” Awesome!

  23. Scotty

    Hey spacers! The next episode will be a double header too! So don’t break orbit!

  24. MalixDexide

    This may seem odd, but when I looked back when CK lost his tooth, (Birth of a Spacer in the archives) I noticed that “Nin-Wah’s” eyes were already turning blue. I’m surprised I didn’t catch that…

  25. owenhusky91

    Scotty, we’re breaking up! If we don’t get those updates soon, well be flash-frozen particles around a cold uncaring sun!

  26. Samjoe

    And what have we learned here children? All good things must’n go unpunished.

  27. Chocolatier

    Wow. Dunno if anyone noticed alongside the eyes, but Robo-Wah’s fur turns blue quite quickly on this page alone.
    Also, CK’s still-missing tooth. Gotta love consistancy in those small details… 😀

  28. kapi

    Aww… now I kinda feel bad for the Droid!Nim Wah, because it’s like she JUST found someone to like her and then she gets shut down like that. :(

  29. Cloud Chaser the Brony
    Cloud Chaser the Brony

    hmm that happend to me one time…..my girl friend came by when one of my drunk co-workers (she was a girl) fell asleep in my lap……I had to run for 3 hours straight just to stay alive….

  30. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    Why do I feel sorry for the android? Why do I feel anything for her? WHYYYYYYY

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