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  1. Robin Gibson

    Okay, so now Kitty’s having a total transformation. That’s 4/6. We’re just waiting for Fluffy to become a genius, and Mouse to adopt a caring, motherly disposition.

  2. owenhusky91

    Aaaand, CK has a war wound! Step One!

  3. Zonk

    I really like this page and the change CK is making. Also, Nin Wah seems actually concerned and I’m intrigued how this is going to develop… :O

    ps: “plot!”? interesting tag…

  4. Joey1058

    Wow… Damn if HE didn’t suddenly grow up!

  5. Lazyrayfinkle

    Nothing matures a man faster than a knock upside the head.

  6. Brother

    Chicks dig battle scars CK. Missing teeth? Not so much.

  7. xAllyCatx

    C’mon Nin-Wah, give him a reward kiss for saving you!!!!!!! Sorry, I just think CK and NW would make a cute couple >.>

  8. Frank

    I really like the little unruffled hairs in Nin-wah’s arm, without breaking the outline. Tame, I know, in comparison to CK earning the right to wear a prosthetic, but I tend to go for little things like that

  9. Scotty

    @Frank you’d be ruffled too if a big fat ferret fell on you!

  10. blackcat498888

    I love CK’s face at the end.

  11. CptGloria

    YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! 😀

  12. TheOddStrange

    I think CK’s mind just broke into two pieces. So now he’s a multiple personality basket case.

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