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  1. KenFletcher

    At least his body is in the right place….

  2. If2

    I was like, wow he is actually gonna do something…aww, nevermind.

  3. Brother

    Ah, good. Heroics averted via violence. Good show nonetheless CK!

  4. blackcat498888

    wow. really?

  5. Parou

    Dude, who are you and what have you done with CK?!

  6. Frank

    Where’s Mittens?

  7. OtterKnowBetter

    Aww, nice to see that little bit of tender concern for Nin’s feelings from CK (however untimely). He might make a gentleman out of himself yet!

  8. Samjoe

    I know sometimes its a while between updates,but hasn’t Mr. Socks body been out for a long time.Maybe they should have left it at the morgue instead,and come back when they had a plan for getting his brain back. Isn’t going to be more of a Zombie body by the time they get anything done?

  9. owenhusky91

    Ohh, that Kla-Boom looked real painful.

  10. Gordon

    How does Nin Wah have time to tweet whilst being crushed by a ferret sans-brain? Do Hushu units have a brain interface that instantly tweets your every thought?

  11. Scotty

    Just checking in with you guys! New comics are in the works! 😀

  12. owenhusky91

    Lovely news! Can’t wait for the next update! (please hurry, ha-ha!)

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