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  1. If2

    Eh oh.

  2. Ken Fletcher
    Ken Fletcher

    Is that what they call ‘foreshadowing’? 8)

  3. Brother

    Fortiscue: Worst tour guide ever.

  4. BanditRingtail

    Little faster on these important notes, my good sheep. Like where the sleeping death sleeps.

  5. Frank

    Another reason why guys hate asking for directions: “You see that road there? The one that’s in the direction you’re headed? Well you don-t want to go there, keep going straight to the next stoplight”

  6. Archivist

    He did say that they should be “passing by” the room. They didn’t follow instructions.

  7. Bob

    Is Socks walking on his own, or are they dragging him around??

  8. DHGM

    I miss Badass Mittens already

  9. TheOddStrange

    And the day goes downhill from there. Like straight down, if you fall off a cliff instead of, say, going down a hill.
    @Brother: That’s what happens when people are playing video games. They forget a few small things here or there.
    Socks wandered down a side hallway. Gotta love that.

  10. If2

    …You come across a room containing a gently humming cryogenic chamber.
    *Enter room*
    …You’ve been eaten by a grue.

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