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  1. Gama Girl
    Gama Girl

    I thought that Zenith didn’t need a brain anymore? Or maybe mr.socks never had one in the first place? Also, Mittens you need to speak up! XD

  2. Joey1058

    Okay, Mittens, it looks like you’re on your own.

  3. Nicole

    It’s okay, Mittens. I know you’re the real hero.

  4. Bob

    Its creepy the way Ace is talking, it sounds like he totally lost it

  5. dreddy71

    i love how brainless socks is holding his own head top.

  6. ZarPaulus

    @Gama Girl:
    No, she decided to use Socks’ brain instead of CKs when she discovered that he was a lot smarter.

    Hence her Frankensteinian consort saying nothing but “dook”.

  7. Jen Aside
    Jen Aside

    So chicks dig clothes?

  8. Frank

    404 is obviously “file not found”, but what does 856-J mean? How many “candidates” has Zenith gone through?

  9. Rinikex


    Ace reminds me of CK in this comic, but I suppose that would be the same thing as losing his mind.

    I’m really beginning to hate Ace. I already hated CK, Freeda, and the robo-mice.

    I hope the robo-mice didn’t destroy Mittens’ clothes.

  10. TheOddStrange

    It’s too bad that Mittens has to be taken from his Awesome Sidekick position so soon. At least he’s getting angry instead of just acting mopey and nervous like he used to.

  11. CptGloria

    Gotta love Mitten’s reaction in the last panel… CLASSIC!

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