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  1. Gordon

    So what is Wilma saying in panel 2? I can’t make it out!

  2. Jen Aside
    Jen Aside

    “Square peg in round hole”? =3

  3. If2

    Zenith smash!

  4. Joey1058

    “Don’t be revolting, Wilma!” She might as well have said “Not tonight, I have a headache”.

    Do they even use SCSI ports anymore??

  5. Nebulous

    Is that SCSI pronounced ‘scuzzy’ or ‘sexy’?

  6. bargamer

    Tiger-girls whispering naughty things into bunny ears… <3

  7. Robin Gibson

    Don’t be revolting, Bargamer…

  8. Ken Fletcher
    Ken Fletcher

    The limits of Zenith’s perfection. She can’t accept the animal part of her nature?

  9. Starglider

    Zenith : still the best character in CK :)

  10. DHGM

    I still don’t get that she’s an android. Since when was she an android? and who found it out when? Can someone tell me, because I’m confused.

  11. tahanley


    I’m pretty sure Nin Wah finds out Zenith is an android from the computer that controls Zenith’s space station.

  12. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    You know, you would think with her colouration she’d have a blue tooth.

  13. Scotty

    @Eric GROAOAAN…

  14. Hippyelf

    Come on now only Trolls from WoW get blue tooths she looks more like a pocket fishermen

  15. CptGloria

    Gotta love the looks Ninny and CK give each other in the last panel…

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