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  1. Jen Aside
    Jen Aside

    Zenith looks just a *bit* scary there… o_O

  2. stevegallacci

    Oboy, NinWah is getting PTSD hallucinations as well as blue hair. Wonder if telling Zenith that she is a ‘droid will do anything?

  3. Shad Otterdan
    Shad Otterdan

    The droid in the last panel is just so cute for some reason.

  4. Ken Fletcher
    Ken Fletcher

    Nin Wah has not made it completely ‘home-free’. Their boundless cosmic adventures are grounded in some grim internal realities.

    And someone else is very, very perfectly frustrated.

  5. Frank

    Is Zenith’s tail detachable?

    Also, is the wallpaper a map or just uncovered circuitry?

  6. Scotty

    @Frank I imagine it is.. I just eh.. forgot to draw it. I guess it’s on the other side. The walls are all fancy space-age circuitry!

  7. Rosie

    Well i dont quite get it, WHY does she need an adapter???

  8. Rosie

    And why doesent ck tell nin wah that she has blue hair? or will he sometime tell her later in the comic?

  9. If2

    Yeah…good luck with that Zenith

  10. Frank

    @Rosie: According to Fortiscue, it has something to do with creating a new race of perfect being. As for the blue hair, I’d imagine if they found one reflective surface already, they should eventually find another

  11. dreddy71

    well if shes “perfect” and an android, maybe the tail isnt just “detachable” but also retractable. sometimes a tail just gets in the way.

  12. Bob

    I don’t think anything good would come of telling Zenith she’s a droid. She probably wouldn’t take it well…..

  13. TheOddStrange

    Oh man, this is just too funny. An adapter… holy flippin dippin ding dong diddle, if she’s in control of iKnows then she should know something about this business…

  14. therewindeffect

    please make more sooner. i hate waiting a whole week for one of my favorite internet pass-times. also, is this going to be the whole comic. with zenith I mean. are you going to end it after this whole story arc or is it going to continue to other adventures because you can only do the zenith thing for so long.

  15. tahanley

    This reminded me that I need to throw out a ton of old computer junk that’s residing in my basement.

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