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  1. Cyndy. J.
    Cyndy. J.

    Uh oh is right.

    On a positive note, CK might just get a bulkier body out of it… without all that sweating being involved.

  2. Brother

    Frak. Ok, so… it’s too late to save Socks. We can fix him. Make him better, faster, stronger, capable of english speech!

  3. Starglider

    Zenith is adorabloodthirsty.

  4. Frank

    So… Socks now “dook”s with the voice of Elvis?

  5. KenFletch

    Very effective storytelling in this strip. You’re using the range of the computer graphics tools to make Commander Kitty’s level of alertness clear. (Focus & color shades, for example.)

    Zenith becomes much more attractive when she is happy… or in her equivalent of alpha-lust.

  6. If2

    Well at least 1 person is happy in this whole situation.

  7. Joey1058

    Aw, man……

  8. Frank

    @IF2: and its a scary kind of happy

  9. Evan

    …Oh snap.

  10. Binky

    CK is having a very full day!

  11. TheOddStrange

    Needless to say, CK did not get what he wanted.
    Zenith looks fluffy and adorable, though in a creepy way.
    And… Mr. Socks?? WHY?!

  12. Raxadian

    She is not even a person to start with, she is an android…

  13. Nicole

    Androids can acquire feelings. just look at Elvix, Data, Dorfl (golems are kind of like androids)…

  14. GLaDOS

    Finally out of beta?

    that sounds like still alive

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