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  1. Joey1058

    Second panel: hot cyborg chick in need of some major sympathy and TLC!

  2. Colleen

    She Kicks Butt! That is what makes her Awesome. 😀

  3. Rags

    Even armless she’s far from harmless.

  4. Frank

    It’s CK? Where?

  5. Nicole

    Is it worth it to sift through that pile of smelly muto bodies to find her arm? Or should she just get a new one?

  6. Wilford B. Wolf
    Wilford B. Wolf

    I looks like she’d need other repairs beyond just finding the arm….

  7. Brother

    So… Ninny goes down for now eh? Just to build up suspense to the eternal question: who’s gonna pull their collective asses out of the fire?

  8. Starglider

    Are they all dead? Or just knocked out? Are goons still sentient? What would they do if their iKnows were removed or destroyed?

  9. TheOddStrange

    Where in the world did she get that thing, anyhow? was it some sort of modified Toys-R-Us weapon or what? Because most weaponry doesn’t come with a store demo mode…

  10. Ken Fletcher
    Ken Fletcher

    So now we know: Nin Wah really is a tough fighter. She can fill her Arm & ‘fill her hand’.

  11. TheOddStrange

    Huh. Nin Wah’s clothing/ appearance is much like that of Jubilee (X-Men): She has a yellow overcoat, a pink shirt, same colored headband, and spiky hair (though Jubilee’s is black). They both also have the ability to discharge fireworks of some sort. The major differences between the two are one: Nin is a red panda; two: Nin is quite a bit more temperamental than Jubilee, and three: Nin has shiny buttons on her right arm. Who can beat that?

  12. Rags

    “So it is down to you, and it is down to me.”
    Channeling Visini again, Nin? That’s inconceivable!

  13. YingKo

    I only discovered the comic a couple of days ago and just finished catching up to the current one. A fun strip, Nin Wah has a great sense of irony with the, “…hour ago,” bit. Reminds me of Bert Gummer in Trimmers 3.

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