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  1. Frank

    So that’s what that round hole at the front is for!

  2. Joey1058

    Good flying! I wonder how they’re gonna avoid all the drones without CK shootin’ at ’em?

  3. Starglider

    Presumably the ship is still out of ammo from the earlier space battle…


    OH he still likes you, only he now likes more to shot at you!

  5. Frank

    Zenith is a “she”

  6. Brother

    So Zenit doesn’t like them anymore? I wonder what tipped them off? Was it the giant laser? I bet it was the giant laser.

  7. Rags

    Frank(1): Well, it isn’t an unprotected exhaust port.

  8. Mister Twister
    Mister Twister



  9. Leif the Thief
    Leif the Thief

    That things operational!

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