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  1. Starglider

    Some freak space anomaly has sucked all the awesome out of Ace and transferred it to Mittens!

  2. Rattownstories

    Really great comic, keep up the good work!

  3. Brother

    No, you see, the Cylons got both Ace and Mittens mixed up somehow, and sent faulty units to replace them… and voila!

  4. Frank

    Freeda, you’re cute when you’re angry. Have they ever told you that?”

  5. Scotty

    @Frank You pay a price to see it, though!

  6. LittleOne

    “Just add it to the list”? Mittens seems more concerned with the skyfly than his crewmate, Mr. Socks (who presumably would be referred to as “him” or as half of “them” rather than as “it”)? Wow, Mittens really has changed. Something worrisome is definitely afoot….

  7. Scotty

    @littleone; oh no, that wasn’t what he meant at all. Maybe he should have said “Add it all to the list…” Mittens’ heart is still in the right place. He’s just thinks he’s a bitzy cat now. :)

  8. Voodoo Child
    Voodoo Child

    Now, I’m not all that familiar with Ace or his exploits, but doesn’t it seem weird that he’s really taking Mittens’ sudden burst of competence almost crushingly?


    Poor Ace seems to be about to have a nervous breakdown…

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