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  1. Brother

    Take that MOUSE! That’ll teach him! Being helpful… hmph!

  2. Frank

    I can see why Zenith is mad.
    “How dare they refer to me by my name! Those imperfect clockwork vermin! Their primitive circuits are not worthy of processing my appelation!”

  3. Frank

    Wait a second, you were swamped by comissions just last week, and you’re already asking for more?

  4. Nicole

    Mittens had probably been waiting his whole career to say that line. Too bad they all missed it.

  5. Cyndy. J.
    Cyndy. J.


  6. LostHopeOfDusk

    Well, I bet two space bucks on the girl robot!

  7. Rags

    Besides, she’s not on the observation deck…

  8. Joey1058

    Well, there ARE more of them than there are of her. Unless Fortiscue tucks tail and cowers behind her.

  9. Rags

    Then he’ll be just in the right position to trip her up.

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