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  1. Roflkaapter

    That Nin Wah pony is awesome. I thinks we need a desktop 😛

  2. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    Motion seconded (especially re prosthetic hoofie). Also the Mr. Yuck on CK’s butt. Mittens’ expression is nicely done.

  3. Brother

    I love all of their expressions, from Ninny’s confusion, Fluffy’s sheer happyness to CK’s unending anger.

    Also, you’re not late at all Scottie, don’t worry.

  4. Nicole

    Why do I think the TNT on Sock’s bum is terribly appropriate? Very well done all around!

  5. Rags

    Fluffy loves it, of course.

    Now brace for an explosion.
    “Hey Nin Wah, what’s that on your forehead?”

  6. Novil

    It’s never too late to join the herd!

  7. CyberSkull

    The horror, the horror…

  8. LostHopeOfDusk

    And… another one eats the grass!

  9. Cloud Chaser the Brony
    Cloud Chaser the Brony

    *Extremely large gasp*

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