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  1. Cyndy. J.
    Cyndy. J.

    Sooooooo close…

    But here comes the FUBAR now…

  2. Frank

    Nooo! Not Dancing with the Stars! Will the galaxy ever be free from such evil?

    Though love that Mittens unwittingly called him a white truffle sorbet

  3. Frank

    Wait a second, don’t donate any more?

  4. Zonk

    this comic is pretty damn neat!
    i really enjoy it and i’m glad there is a new page!
    also, poor fortiscue ;(

  5. Scotty

    Thank you! Tell your friends!

    Well, I guess I’m fortunate that I don’t need donations in order to continue CK. I use the donations only towards advertising and to cover shipping cost for the buttons. Heck, I’d give away the buttons if people asked me on the street. So since I’ve been tardy in fulfilling a few commissions, I would feel guilty if anyone donated more before I finish these off. Hard to explain! Links really are the best way to donate to Commander Kitty :)
    Besides, there are lots of better things to donate money to.

  6. Brother

    Man, who would’ve thougth Forty was such a mindless drone… I swear, Hoofing with the Stars really went downhill affter the third season, after they replaced that judge.

    Also, the arty background looks real neat! Good job Scotty!

  7. LostHopeOfDusk

    He is an addict!

  8. Starglider

    I firmly believe that Zenith is not evil, just a little misguided and/or misunderstood. :) Also with the pretty impressive rate of progress being made in brain-computer interfacing, I think there’s a very good chance of seeing a real-life iKnow this century. Cool and kind of scary, no?

  9. Nimrond

    Ha ha!!! I love the Fortisque “crazy eye” going on in the last panel….

    Jadugara ^_^

  10. Rags

    And knowing everything doesn’t mean you know how to prioritize.

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