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  1. Frank

    Awesome! Reference to ”They Live”!

  2. Brother

    One has to wonder, where DID ninny get one of those? Doesn’t seem strictly over-the-counter type of bionics…

  3. penguian

    Fluffy to the rescue?

  4. sirbacon

    Wait, how did that guy get on her right side so fast? On the last page he was clearly closer to her fleshy left arm.

  5. H. Lamontagne
    H. Lamontagne

    Man, that is one nice action sequence!

  6. Daniel

    Sirbacon, I don’t know about you but I would turn and run when faced by a group like that, putting my left side where my right was.

  7. Joey1058

    @Penguian: Fluffy is probably on her way to save(?) CK right about now.

  8. John Will Balsley

    What a clever and delightful romp this comic doth commence!

  9. Scotty

    Thanks boss!

  10. Lupy

    is that an Army of Darkness refrence?

  11. Lupy

    naa, I guess not, it’s wierd, I recognise the quote, but never saw “they live”

  12. KieferSkunk

    Well, I know the quote from Duke Nukem 3D, but that game was a parody of all sorts of things. :)

  13. LosthopeOfDusk

    Seems she likes to fight! Sadly… she also likes to talk!

  14. Rags

    Panel 6: Nice catch.

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