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  1. CyberSkull

    Upgrading a sentient to Vista™ is a war crime in most of the galaxy.

  2. Archivist

    Check MOUSE’s dialogue in panel 2… “BECEAUSE” – “BECAUSE”

    The “We only NEVER…” sounds like intentional grammar humor… No problem with that.

  3. Archivist

    MOUSE is starting to sound like GLaDOS.

  4. BDKMat

    I like the backgrounds too. It’s the sort of style I wanted to do a new comic in awhile ago. Never really solidified that comic’s concept into something I was happy with, though.

  5. Frank

    Morris’s face in the last panel is priceless

    By the way, why isn’t he tagged?

  6. Scotty

    Morris never got tagged… um… did he?

  7. LostHopeOfDusk

    Ok, this is getting scary…

  8. Cyndy. J.
    Cyndy. J.

    You JUST noticed?

  9. Val Kilmer Batman
    Val Kilmer Batman


    Wouldn’t they all wear the fake tags as disguises, though?

  10. Snoo


    I think Zenith will only see Socks and Mittens, everyone else will be hiding (playing a Funstation to kill the time, IIRC). Although, Socks’ tag isn’t fake. Hmmm…. will this come down to a fist fight between Socks and Mittens, a la bearded Spock and Kirk?

  11. Brother

    Not Vista!

  12. Frank

    @Scotty & ValKimer: I was referring to the tags at the bottom of the page. If they are supposed to let us search for all appearances of a character, Zenith, Fortescue, Morris, and Socks need to be added to them. Scratch Fortescue if we’re only doing characters who get speaking parts

  13. Scotty

    @frank ooOOOooooooh.yeah, I usually only do speaking parts. But I am imperfect. It’ll be our secret.

  14. Zenith

    I sense.. imperfection on this page.

    It should be “13 comments”, not “13 comment”.

    I guess it’s the OCD inside me; I figured I’d mention it in case it was just simply overlooked and not intentional.

    -Zenith (okay, it’s really Zorin, but this is something Miss Perfect would complain about. hee)

  15. Scotty

    I only see 14 comments!

  16. Joey1058

    I’m starting to wonder if Mittens will ever want to play second fiddle to CK ever again after this? I sure as heck wouldn’t!

  17. Tales of Shadow
    Tales of Shadow


    He needs to wash those cloths sometimes.

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