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  1. Ferret with a Stapler
    Ferret with a Stapler

    Ah, CK, always concerned with the most important part of the matter, like what font the keyboard has on it’s keys. Obviously this is how a -true- commander does it.
    I shall take a mental note of that absolutely awesome fact.

    Also, why does Fluffy’s head look so weird in panel 5? It looks almost picaso like…

  2. 13yaroza

    ROFL “lame font” >.<

  3. Brother

    I love luffy’s face in panel 5 there. A mix between hilarious and dounright wrong. Nicely done Scotty. Also, what does th machine mean by ‘serve’ them. Is this going to be like ‘How to Serve Man’? It’s a cookbook, it was Earth all along! You bastards!

  4. Frank

    When I build my dream house, I think I’ll have the chairs come out of the floor like that as well!

    @Ferret with a stapler: Because CK’s comment… displeased her? Brother’s right; it’s a hard mix to describe

  5. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    Well, it probably makes the place easier to clean and dust, with things like that. I mean, whooshing into the wall and floor.

    Question. If the motif here is blue, does that mean the computers have a BSOD?

  6. 13yaroza

    PS. His face panel 6 (O3O)

  7. Ferret with a Stapler
    Ferret with a Stapler

    @Frank: Yeah, now that I look again, I can see it now. Glad this is a webcomic, because it would be really hard to put that into words.

    And it’s probably just me and my delayed way of noticing things, but when I was going over this comic again, I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before: Nin Wah has eyebrows! 😀

    …And don’t look at me weird because I just noticed that… <.< …Just kind of was more apparent here with all the different expressions going around…

  8. Frank

    @Ferret with a stapler: Don’t tell me you thought those floating things were part of her hairband!

  9. Yrucrem91

    Hmmm…in the previous comic, the computer was welcoming them as “Zenith” (“Welcome back, Zenith”), but now it seems to have recognized that there are A), multiple people, and B), none of them are “Zenith”…

    Also, who are the “we” in “as -we- prepare to serve you”? Imperial “we”, as in “We your emperor are most displeased”, or are there actually multiple entities here?
    Perhaps some sort of collective computer using the brains of The Tagged as processors?

    On a completely different note, I think I’d prefer something a bit more comfortable to sit upon for prolonged hours of typing and reading webcomics…perhaps something with a backrest, footrest, armrests, and cushions. (Actually, given the general over-the-top techy nature of “Zenith Central”, I feel reasonably justified in requesting a built-in massager and soda dispenser or something.)

  10. LostHopeOfDusk

    To serve you as the main dish?

  11. Novil


    The 4th panel is pure gold.

  12. iFly2

    Ah, CK, never overlooking the important details such as what font is appropriate.
    After all it’s the little things that count.

  13. Ferret with a Stapler
    Ferret with a Stapler

    @Frank: Well partly. I think I thought that one of them was part of her hairband, and the other was some decorative hairpin or something…

    *Facepalm* …I really need to start paying more attention to the art…

  14. hydradon

    hahahahaha tamaki souo refrence

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