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  1. Frank

    Never constrain a lady’s arms when there’s someone who can still reach her back pockets

  2. Ferret with a Stapler
    Ferret with a Stapler

    Woah! Look at CK’s bloody nose! That must be some good gum to have caused that much trouble!

  3. Archivist

    Is this happening during the previous page’s dinner conversation? Or is it coinciding with what was happening 2 pages back? Once again, the beginning narration may need clarification, or these past 2 pages can be reversed and this page’s narration have the “also” removed.

    PS… here’s my PO Box for sending the complimentary button of Nin Wah

    PO Box 90293
    San Jose CA 95109

  4. Brother

    For some reason I am reminded how Nin Wah was complaining about her “cute little nose” right after she came out of the teleporter.

  5. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    I believe the word I am looking for is ouchie. Interesting we don’t see Mr. Socks, here.

  6. Frank

    Hey yeah, that poses an interesting problem: If they manage to get back to the ship, how are they going to maneuver it without a navigator or an engineer?

  7. Zorin the Lynx
    Zorin the Lynx

    Wow, when they get back to the ship they really need to sit back, have a drink or two, and relax before they get on with everything. Fuses are bit short right now!

  8. MandoAndy

    Wow! Is this the first time we’ve seen actual blood on the CK show?

  9. Brother

    … And upon rereading this it occurs to me that Nin Wah heabutted CK because she thought he was getting ‘frisky’ with her. HA!

    Also: Nin Wah uses headbutt! It’s super effective! Commander Kitty has fainted!

  10. stevegallacci

    OOH! That probably really really hurt. Note the tear as well as pain star in his eye(and recalls my won wack to the nose). Nin Wah seems to have some issues regarding personal contact. Suspect the “tickle” episode was more than merely tickle. What deep dark back story awaits?

  11. TLatshaw

    I love Spain!


  12. Frank

    @Tlatshaw Considering they’re in a different arm of the galaxy, that would really be a long non-stop flight

  13. LostHopeOfDusk

    Just how many people is in that pod?

  14. David

    This should be made into a TV series. Its brilliant and funny

  15. Val Kilmer Batman
    Val Kilmer Batman

    Is this the future-ancestor to those nosebleeds people always get in Manga? It’s them feeling the Nin-Wah Headbutt as it reverberates backwards through the space time continuum!

  16. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    Now that I think of it, this appears to be The Stateroom Sequence.

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