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  1. Snoo

    LOL! I wasn’t sure what happened until Nin’s comment about her arm’s demo mode. Golden!

    Fluffy saves the day!

  2. Wilford B. Wolf
    Wilford B. Wolf

    Fluffy… saves the day? Well, that yo-yo did serve as a plot point.

    And while I’m here, something has been bugging me: just what the heck is Ms. Perfect suppose to be, anyway? Her head is canid (mostly coyote), but she has a feline tail.

  3. Brother

    Knew that thing wasn’t a blaster! Also, hurray! Fluffy saves the day!

  4. Rags

    Hey, Taggy! You heard the gun. You’re dead. Lie down already!

  5. Frank

    Well, I guess this explains where Nin Wah got the time to Tweet before firing!

    @Wilford: Queen Tag makes being out of bits and pieces of other beeings (see http://www.commanderkitty.com/2010/04/25/plot/ ) It stand to reason that her own body is one of her creations.

  6. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    Very well done strip.

  7. blackboe

    I just noticed she’s a lefty.

    Wilford: I think she’s the result of her own experimentation.

  8. Brian

    Ohhh, now it makes sense. Wait, what?

  9. Brother

    @ Brian: Methinks it’s this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yeoman_%28F%29

  10. Scotty

    c’mon, there were yeomans on Star Trek! Was it so long ago?

  11. stevegallacci

    That blast of yellow? It isn’t -omyghod- Mittens, is it?
    I SO hate it when its been switched to demo mode.

  12. Ferret with a Stapler
    Ferret with a Stapler

    I was right! Go fluffy! Yo-yo Miss Perfect to her dooooom!!

  13. YingA&YangY

    That mrs Taggy, was common sense and ‘instinct’ in motion…
    o0; Wait…where’s the Explosion?

  14. Joey1058

    Never underestimate the power of cheap wooden toys from yesteryear!

  15. knux

    Ah, so I’m NOT the only one that knows how to use a yo-yo as a weapon XD

  16. TLatshaw

    [Begin obscure video game reference.]

    “Fluffy, you’re an ace pitcher. Use it!”

    [End obscure video game reference.]

  17. Val Kilmer Batman
    Val Kilmer Batman

    Yo dawg I heard yo and yo dawg like yo-yos so I put yo dawg in a yo-yo so yo can yo-yo yo dawg while yo and yo dawg yo-yo, dawg.

  18. Val Kilmer Batman
    Val Kilmer Batman

    Yes, even though fluffy’s a cat.

  19. Scotty

    @SteveG NO. it’s not Mittens. I’ll put the kibosh on that one right now…

  20. Brother

    @Scott Thank the lord!

  21. LostHopeOfDusk

    Thats why my blaster is custom made, old style, too bad the spare parts are so hard to get, plus you need to plug in the cable to use it!

  22. hydradon

    hilarious osaka reffrence by fluffy

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