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  1. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    Indeed: she does deserve her own button. Though, of course, we’ve never been properly introduced to her — no name revealed, only the titles Fortescue gives her. I imagine she’s from the Canid system or somesuch.

    And she *is* rather attractive…for a maniac bent on world domination. She makes Robert Moses look tame.

  2. Bob

    I love that line. “She gets her own button an’ everything.”…lol.

    The last panel is hilarious too.

  3. Frank

    Her own button? What are you doing looking out of the fourth wall? You’re not supposed to see that link in the top-left corner! Someone call the Triple I!

    Also, it’s creepy how cute and innocent she looks in the last pannel 😉

  4. MandoAndy

    Those goons don’t look too terribly happy to be stuffed in the closet.

    Also, I should just point out that Miss Perfect’s forked tongue is awesome, and so is her expression in the second and forth panels.

    Also, also, I <3 Fortiscue. Just sayin'.

  5. BDKMat

    Eric: I just assumed that her name was Perfection. And I thought it was an awesome name.

  6. Scotty

    in my notes, her name has been Tag, Queen Tag, Tag Queen, Tagged Empress.. some variation along those predictable lines… she was so hard to come up with a final design until I started giving her goofy faces.

  7. LostHopeOfDusk

    Tagnia? That kind of works…

    Empress Tagnia, actually just a rich daddy girl bent on world domination and a bit crazy cause she is almost thirty and got no boyfriend yet!

    Just ignore me, rant mode again…

  8. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    My personal name for her is Etiquette de Prix.

  9. lazyrayfinkle

    No boyfriend yet? She doesn’t need one. She’s got muscular goons walking around in their boxer shorts with no thoughts for themselves. What more does she need?

  10. Snoo

    She who speaketh with forked tongue…. umm… something something…

    Noticed something just now, I can see her chasing skinny birds in the American south west. A slight resemblance is all. Could she have a little coyote in her?

  11. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    I will say, putting the Upscale Hotel Iron on one of the thugs was an amusing touch.

  12. Rags


    Gee, who pushed HER button? 😉

    At least the wardrobe is less drafty…

  13. stavner

    The best villains act really crazy at times–just look at Dr. Doom, or Cobra Commander.

  14. BDKMat

    Tag is a pretty cool name too, actually.

  15. TLatshaw

    The wardrobe is a bad idea. This is how impressionable British youth become scarred for life.

  16. fragout_34

    @TLATSHAW – I been scarred for life since i was a kid, and i love it. ^_^

  17. Luso

    going through the archives. the back and forward buttons are broken on this page.

    next comic: /2010/07/11/hot-sparkly-adventure/

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