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  1. Rags

    “Ace, why do weird people keep calling you Target?”
    “Must be some local dialect. You know, like spacer slang.”

  2. MandoAndy

    Antelopolis Public Transit: “Avoid the Stampede” … hahaha, love it!!

    Looks like Ace is in quite a pickle this time. Who will be the unexpected hero of the hour? …I’m guessing… LT. MITTENS! …because he is awesome. :)

  3. taltamir

    His response of tourist like fascination with a mob that is after him is hilarious. Her realistic response foils to it well.

  4. El Cabra
    El Cabra

    Pedantry Alert!:
    I noticed the transit driver lost his cap between the first and second panels.

  5. Scotty

    Correction… The driver has vanished! That is the space bus conductor there. She has no hat, sadly.

  6. Nimrond

    Ya just gotta love Ace!
    I wasn’t honestly sure what to think of him at first… I thought he might be one of those guys that merely pretends to appreciate a total goober like CK to his face, then proceeds to make fun of him behind his back… But after all these scenes with him, he really is just a happy-go-lucky sort of genuine nice guy! (albeit a bit clueless when it comes to looming danger….heh!)

  7. BlackOfTheLostWind

    Well yeah, I am kind of liking Ace now, poor guy…

  8. MandoAndy

    By the way, if I do start an alternative rock band around here in the Boston area, and if we take on the name “Freak Out Freeda”, then I will give you credit for it.

  9. Tales of Shadow
    Tales of Shadow

    Ace is not really the brightest spacer.

  10. NyanNinja

    Ha…. gotta love the reference in the title….

  11. Furball

    Now ACE is brainless. CK is just incompetent.

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