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  1. CyberSkull

    So did she just notice that they are all almost naked or is it the lack of decent coffee that is bothering her?

  2. Andy Stein

    My sister and I, when we were about 8 and 12 years old, wrote a parody of the song “2 Piña Coladas” — we called it “2 Glasses of Tranya”. Yes, we were that nerdy about Star Trek.

    The comics just keep getting better and better =)

  3. Nimrond

    Hah! I was wondering when that particular subnject would become a topic of discussion… That hilarious “squinty-eyed” expression of her’s as she brings it up seals the comedy deal for me…


  4. Zecheriah

    and the plot thickens……

  5. Frank

    “Clothes? We have that?” LOL

    @Zecheriah: that’s the drinks thickeing, not the plot! 😀

  6. Joey1058

    Clothes? We don’ need no stinkin’ clothes!

  7. John Fraser
    John Fraser

    Hah, well I guess they had it coming.

    @nimrond And the jutting jaw. XD

  8. MAD

    Where do you get all those ideas?

  9. Scotty

    The ferrets. They talk to me. When they don’t talk to me, I get my ideas from K-Mart, but they sell out quickly.

  10. Adon Rose
    Adon Rose

    Great series, poor Nin Wah…The ‘Perfect ____’ reminds me kinda of that ultra-flat chick in two Doctor Who episodes, who ‘flattened’ out everything nice about her in persuit of perfection…This perfectionist is just the same, destroying what she seeks

    De clothes would not be stinkin’ if dey were washed once inna while

    language, please. this is a family show.
    Thanks :)
    – Scotty A

  11. FuRrY321

    It’s a command structure thing. Only the Commander gets to wear clothes, and even then it’s just a uniform.

    PS: Love the looks on both CK and Nin Wah’s faces! 😀

  12. AThom

    Wait a minute… she’s bringing up the lack of clothing on the crewmembers…

    but just a few panels before, she called the crew roster a laundry list?


    They don’t WEAR clothes, they ARE clothes!

    Very zen!

    Or something.

  13. Rags

    IIRC the old series had some issues about Kitty’s real name. Well, if the crew roster sounds like a laundry list maybe that’s a hint about that elusive name…

  14. TheDoodlibop

    *bursts out laughing*

  15. Kitt

    Welcome to the crew. Clothing optional.

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