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  1. BDK Mat

    Real nice job on the fancy background.

    By the way, was Ace inspired in any way by Ace Rimmer?

    • Scotty

      @BDK Mat More to the truth, CK has a lot of Arnold Rimmer’s personality. Compared to him, anyone seems like Ace!

  2. Snoo

    LOL, the story is really taking off, been enjoying it muchly as of late!

    Now I can see why “our usurpitivness” has had a blue speech bubble in the past.

    Ah yes, Ace… what a guy! A bit less observant than I would have thought, tho.

  3. Eric O. Costello
    Eric O. Costello

    The kicker for this is the very last panel, in which our lepine friend, seemingly seconds after something very disorienting, simply noms on a Popsicle as if nothing happened. That was the thing that made me laugh aloud with this cartoon.

  4. Rags

    “Those iKnow things are everywhere.”
    “I know.”
    “What, did I pronounce it wrong?”

  5. Zecheriah

    Just got sucked into this comic, and i must say,


    you have just got another fan

  6. lawl

    Holy ****, BDK is still around? Anyways, I love the shirt the rabbit is wearing, I think I want to stencil/spraypaint it onto a shirt :p

  7. quash

    Pschoooow! CK is back!! Took a flyer on an old bookmark and jackpot! WTG Ferrets :)

  8. Scotty

    @Quash Hey! an old Subspace vet! Are people still playing that? Is numpf still a dink? 😀

  9. Cyborg Franky
    Cyborg Franky

    The Rabbit-kid is wearing a “Laughing Man ” t-shirt!!! AWESOME!!!!! (well almost “laughing man”. the color should be blue and should be wearing a hat, but that’s how you get around those pesky copyrights)

  10. Furball

    So the “i”s have it?

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