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  1. MandoAndy

    I just have to ask….

    I’m sure “HURRF FRRUHH GHHURF!” translates into something intelligible in English… I just can’t figure out what. Did you have an idea as to what Mittens was actually trying to say, or is it merely gibberish through a mouthful of torpedo? :) LOL!

    BTW, I can’t peg what it is about this strip, but the characters look really really great. The style is fantastic in this one. (I mean they’re all awesome! But this has been one of my favs for a while now)

  2. TheOddStrange

    Hold up a second there… Is that computer attached to the transporter playing Pong? Wow, it even has an Atari joystick on it…
    But… no other buttons.

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