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  1. fred

    Sigh. Of course, he’s actually named Kitty. If there really WAS a planet of cats, where everything was reversed and sentient humans was just a fantasy, and they imagined a world like Earth in their fiction, do you suppose that they would imagine that everyone should all have names like “Humany” or maybe monkey or ape puns. I imagine they would, and that they would just as much resent us giving our cat characters names like Kitty and we would resent us doing the same thing with our cat characters. Or maybe they imagine that we should all end our sentences with a monkey screech to go with our cliche that they should work meow into their sentences, that’s a horrible thought. No, I think he needs a real manly name, like “Butch”, or possibly a flash gordon space name like, well, Flash. Well, that one’s taken. Zap is taken too, in Futurama, Maser, that was in Ender’s Game. Laser sounds too 80s. Quasar. Name him frigging Quasar instead. Or name him after a noble gas, hey it worked for Superman, or at least his planet. Oh well. Too little, too late.

  2. Rockin' Kat

    Quasar? like the cheap Television brand? LOL.

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